The development trend of my country's lock industry: quality and technological change


In recent years, some large domestic lock companies have begun to develop high-end smart locks, and domestic high-end locks have a growing momentum. The development of lock products is to follow the market. As long as the market has demand, lock companies must also develop and occupy the high-end market. With the deepening of my country's opening to the outside world and the acceleration of the development of high-end buildings, the high-end lock market has great potential for development, and a large number of high-end enterprises will emerge.

At present, China is still a developing country, and the lock manufacturers are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, and the low-level repetitive construction is very serious. In order to develop a lock enterprise, it is necessary to start from product, quality and brand. Lay a solid foundation of cash + strength, and with a certain amount of capital, can better develop some high-end products. At the same time, lock enterprises should increase the adjustment of product structure, be market-oriented, find entry points, vigorously carry out scientific and technological research, form their own core technologies and patents, and accelerate the development of new products through integrated innovation and introduction, digestion, absorption, and innovation. strength.

With the advent of knowledge economy, global economy, information society and changes in competition factors, China's lock-making industry is facing the crisis of international market competition. From an overall analysis, there are many small and complete production enterprises, high-tech with independent intellectual property rights and patents There are few lock enterprises, resulting in extremely unstable quality and flooding the market with inferior products.

China's lock industry should have an organized overall goal, and scientific and technological progress can be steadily improved year by year, such as product structure, product quality, technical equipment, innovation ability, talent structure, etc. are indispensable. Locks are the necessities of people's lives, they are household hardware, and they are also a kind of safety protection products. The development of this industry is good or bad, which is related to the safety of every family, unit and public place.

In today's increasingly competitive international market, if China's locks are still without innovation consciousness and stop moving forward, they are bound to be eliminated by the international market. Lock-making enterprises should actively adopt new materials, pay attention to product modeling and artistic decoration, and gradually use advanced technologies such as computer electronics, information, biometrics, and nanomaterials to graft the traditional lock-making industry, and strive to develop new products with market prospects. A breakthrough in performance. Such as residential high-grade mortise door lock series, car lock series, civil lock series, anti-theft door lock series, rolling code remote control series, medium and high-grade mechatronics IC card smart lock, TM card lock, shooting lock series, biometric identification Feature lock series, etc., can be reformed in process and technological innovation, and gradually mature.

The threshold for entering the lock industry is also very low. Generally, there is a capital of 100,000 yuan, contact a few processing factories, and then call for a few jobs to carry out the street. And the products produced by such small-scale enterprises can only belong to the low and middle grades. Most of the diseases that cause locks are caused by "bringing in raw materials". Small enterprises do not have raw material inspection departments, nor do they have finished product inspection equipment, or enterprises deliberately do not submit inspections to save costs. All of these have caused the hidden danger of unqualified quality sampling of the finished locks.