My country's lock industry lacks core competitiveness


The overall capacity of my country's traditional lock market is about 70 billion. The manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai and Shandong. In the category layout, Wenzhou, Zhejiang has formed a traffic lock manufacturing base. Under the direct leadership of governments at all levels and the enthusiastic service of various functional departments, it has gone through a unique development path.

The so-called characteristic is the cluster-type development method. At present, there are more than 500 lock-making enterprises in Zhejiang, with a large number of production enterprises and large output. This is the biggest characteristic of the padlock industry in Zhejiang. The rapid growth of the lock industry is particularly interesting.

my country's lock industry lacks core competitiveness

However, the technology is backward, the product capacity is seriously excessive, there are many low-end products, and there are few medium and high-end products. The product quality is unstable and there is still a certain gap with developed countries. It lacks high standards, high efficiency, lacks core technology and independent intellectual property rights, and lacks world advanced technology. Brands, in a word, lack core competitiveness and international market leading ability, unreasonable enterprise structure, unreasonable product structure, and the leading role and exemplary leading role of enterprises have not been fully exerted.