Lock enterprises to seize the market must know how to use differentiation to break the predicament


Today, the lock market competition is fierce, and the lock companies with relatively lack of funds and technology are forced to plagiarize for a living under the pressure of competition, which makes the homogenization of the lock market more and more serious. Countless number of brands, stereotyped faces, consumers are only bored, and enterprises are worried about it. When the industry is reshuffled, if lock companies want to develop well in this environment, they must know how to break the predicament with differentiation.

Integrate features into corporate services

The service that consumers feel when purchasing products is the first experience consumers have with this company. Only by allowing consumers to experience services with different characteristics can consumers better remember this company. and products. It has been said that services occur in contact, and services that do not occur in active contact are not welcomed by consumers, but when consumers seek contact, they can also feel alienated when they cannot find anyone. Therefore, lock companies must know how to let service personnel grasp this sense of distance and give full play to the greatest value of service.

Focus on product design and R&D innovation

The so-called core competitiveness of a modern enterprise is a combination of certain key resources or key capabilities of an enterprise with knowledge and innovation as its basic core, and is a dynamic balance system that enables an enterprise to maintain its actual or potential competitive advantage within a certain period of time. Product innovation ability is an important manifestation of the core competitiveness of an enterprise. If a lock enterprise wants to achieve sustainable and stable development, it must put innovation in the first place and take the road of innovation and development. This is the most obvious manifestation of the "different" of lock enterprises. Different products are the most obvious difference between enterprises and other enterprises.

The selling point is also different

A good selling point can greatly promote the sales of the product and increase the sales volume. In today's promotional activities, with the proliferation of names, ordinary selling points have been unable to attract the attention of consumers. Therefore, the selling points should also be different and unique. Best of all, it can give products different emotional appeals, and capture the hearts of consumers through different emotional expressions.

In today's society, the market competition in the lock industry is intensifying, and the entire industry is facing a period of industry reshuffle. If lock companies want to seize the market and achieve long-term development, they must know how to attract consumers with differentiated products and services.