Analysis of the protagonists of the future of my country's civil lock market


What is a lock? The interpretation of "Ci Hai" is: "a sealer that can only be unlocked with a key". However, with the advancement of science and technology and the continuous development of the lock industry, many locks in life can no longer be opened by "keys" in the traditional sense, and the market share of such mechanical locks that can be opened by traditional keys continues to grow. Reduced, replaced by the rise of high-tech smart locks.

Smart lock is a mature technology that uses a non-mechanical key as a user identification ID. Because of its reliability, safety, convenience and other advantages, it has been widely used in finance, insurance, hotels, office buildings, equipment management and other occasions as well as some high-end communities. It is safe and convenient to enter and exit with only a chip card or by entering a fingerprint, and is deeply loved by consumers. However, at present, this kind of smart locks account for a small proportion of the market share of civilian locks. According to data, China's electronic locks only account for less than 20% of the market for civilian locks.

The post-80s and early 90s have gradually become a new generation of consumers. The keen pursuit of intelligence is the symbol of this generation of consumers.

Coupled with the continuous development of the smart home market, civilian smart locks are also constantly entering everyone's attention. With the advent of smart locks such as fingerprint recognition, mobile phone unlocking, mobile phone induction unlocking, and wireless network smart door locks, the market for civilian smart locks is constantly rising.

Many consumers born in the 1980s and early 1990s told the editor of Global Hardware Network that in the future home improvement, if you want to install smart locks, you can use mobile phones, fingerprints, chip cards, etc. to open the door instead of traditional keys. "Looking for the key is a very annoying thing. Every time I have to turn the bag upside down to find it, I am worried that the key is lost. I think it will be much more convenient and safe to unlock with a fingerprint." A consumer said Say.

The lock cylinder of the smart door lock is designed with a built-in radial clutch, which improves the impact resistance of the door lock and makes it more secure and reliable. Moreover, the smart door lock also adopts intelligent coding technology to resist strong light interference, reduce the power consumption of the door lock, and reduce the frequency of replacing the door lock battery. Mid-to-high-end smart door locks have these security protection properties, which can largely guarantee the safety of users' lives and property.

Locks are a necessity in life. With the advancement of technology, the continuous changes in the lock industry, and the decline in the price of smart locks, smart locks have become more and more important in civilian use. It is believed that safe and convenient smart locks will replace traditional mechanical locks and become the protagonist of the civilian lock market.